Below are a few samples of our massive range of Desk Systems.

Choose your Desking System based on the suitability of function & style of design, but do not focus

on colour of wood, as products are available in a variety of wood finishes & shades (dark to light).

Our Sales team can show you our extensive catalogue which is too vast to upload on our website.

Contact us today so we can show you our full range and guide you.

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OD084 - Sienna Cubicle

OD085 - Compacto

OD086 - Euro Workstation

OD087 - Oxford 4 way cluster

OD088 - Wave Network

OD090 - Boston Range

OD092 - The Vibe

OD093 - Britannica range

OD0130 - Neo

OD0131 - Euro Loop

OD0132 - Crestwood

OD0133 - Crestwood Cluster Desk