Below are few samples of our massive range of Executive Boardrooms

Choose your Boardroom based on suitability of function & style of design, but don't focus

on colour of wood, as products are available in a variety of wood finishes & shades (dark to light).

Our Sales team can show you our extensive catalogue which is too vast to upload on our website.

Contact us today so we can show you our full range and guide you.

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EBT60 - Quartz - Vaneer

EBT62 - Crestwood Boardroom Table - Melamine

EBT63 - Modular - Vaneer

EBT65 - Brooklyn - Vaneer

EBT64 - Arrow Leg Boardroom Table

EBT66 - Euro collaboration Boardroom Table- Melamine

EBT61 - Margin - Melamin

ELB69 - Genesis 4 - Melamine

EBT115 - AIDA Conference Table -Melamine

EBT166 - Euro - Melamine

EBT116 - Mordena

EBT109 - Intergrated Steel Frame

EBT163 - Note Boardroom Table - Melamine