Below are a few samples of our massive range of Office Accessories.

Choose your Office Accessories based on style of design, frames available in chrome or black.

Seating is available in a variety of fabrics or leather type look. Style should suite function.

Our Sales team can show you our extensive catalogue which is to vast to upload on our website.

Contact us today so we can show you our full range and guide you.

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A. Hinge door cupboard 4 shelves 1800(H) x 800
B. Hinge door cupboard 3 shelves 1500(H) x 800
C. Hinge door cupboard 1 shelves 710(H) x 800
D. 5 Tier bookcase 1800(H) x 900
E. 4 Tier bookcase 1500(H) x 900
F. 3 Tier bookcase 1200(H) x 900
G. 2 Tier bookcase 750(H) x 900
H. Mobile pedestal 2 drawer or 3 drawer
I. Mobile pedestal with top shelf, 2 drawer or 3 drawer
J. Executive mobile caddy
K. 4 Drawer filing cabinet
L. Desk height pedestal with pen & pencil tray
M. Mobile pedestal 2 draw / 3 drawer with pen & pencil tray
N. Mobile pedestal 2 draw / 3 drawer

O. Roller door cupboard 1800(H) x 800
P. Roller door cupboard 1200(H) x 1200
Q. Mobile sliding door credenza with top shelf 710(H) x 900
R. Sliding door credenza 710(H) x 900
S. 2 drawer side filer 710(H)
T. Slim line consul
U. Roller door cupboard 1500(H) x 1000 / 1500 (H) x 1200
V. Roller door credenza 710(H) x 1000 / 710 (H) x 1200
W. Roller door cupboard 710(H) x 900
X. Roller door pendenza 710(H) x 1300
Y. Mobile sever 1600 x 700 x 1200(H) with roller door
Z. Mobile roller door credenza with top shelf 750(H) x 900