From grandfather to son to grandson that is the legacy of a family that has been proudly involved in the furniture industry in South Africa spanning 8 decades. From manufacturing to retailing all aspects of this industry has been learned through trials and tribulations including the challenges of finding more inventive ways to manufacture, consistently investigating the latest trends and maintaining quality against the best possible price. South Africa can be proud of the heritage shown in this industry and can and will maintain manufacturing standards which can compete on quality anywhere on our planet. WE SUPPORT SOUTH AFRICAN MANUFACTURED GOODS AND CAN PROVE THAT OUR PRICES CAN COMPETE AGAINST EASTERN IMPORTS.

Our philosophy has always been to support SA industry therefore CREATING JOBS which helps create a stable society, and brings with it the dignity that all our people deserve. As you examine our vast catalogue you will be enchanted to see that almost 100% of the products sold are manufactured in South Africa. This in our view is our solid contribution to BEE. We will where possible maintain our” MADE WITHIN SOUTH AFRICA” policy.


Mission Statement

  • We will treat all people with the respect they deserve.
  • We will as a company, remain fair, reasonable and honest.
  • We will always remember that our clients are the lifeline of our business.
  • We will as a company, continually strive to give the best, value for money and service.
  • We will train and pass over our knowledge to our employees so they may reap the rewards of their daily labor.
  • We will maintain our belief in South Africa, striving to improve and focus on a positive approach to all matters.